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  • Welcome To HongFeng Metal Products!

    HongFeng Focus on pet cage Quality assurance, leading sales


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    HOT PRODUCTS 更多 Your trust is our unlimited power


    These are not problems in HongFengChoose HongFeng

    01Save timeHongFeng has a full range of products,Save time for you

    02Save effortGuarantee high quality,Save effort for you

    03Save worryProvide free after sales service,Save worry for you

    04Save moneyForeign trade exports, long service life,Save money for you

    Hotline:13616986006 More

    HongFengHotProducts more_j.png Higher quality than peers

    Dog cage industry leader

    Focus on cage production

    More than 10 years of industry experience.

    Have their own technical team.

    Create perfect quality

    Using advanced foreign technology.

    High surface impact resistance.

    Easy to use and easy to install.

    High cost performance

    Product passed quality certification.

    Only qualified for shipment will be shipped.

    The price advantage is obvious, save money

    Caring after-sales service

    Provide patient answering service

    Within one week, quality problems can be found and can be returned

    Provide after sales support

    Hotline:13616986006 Click to browse more

    About HongFeng

    About HongFeng

    Taizhou HongFeng Metal Products Co., Ltd.

    Taizhou Hongfeng Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015 and located in beautiful Taizhou City, Jiangshu Province. Factory covers around 8000 square meters. Our factory is a professional R&D and production exporting enterprise. Our main products are metal pet cages, dog cage, pet playpen, rabbit Cage, bird cage, Parrot cage, metal shopping cart and other metal products.  Products are already exported to United States, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and other …... More

    Service Process Dog cage industry leader

    • Intention to
    • Confirm demand
    • Signing
      Delivery deposit
    • Product delivery
    • Logistics delivery
    • Confirm receipt
      Start service

    AdvisoryOr call the hotline:13616986006


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